Introduction & Orientation

The essence of ministry is pouring out from ourselves. To continue in effective ministry, leaders need rhythms of receiving so our wells do not run dry. While we offer many things to others in this field (best practices, resources, training, services, etc), the most important is the presence of Jesus. It is this presence that brings life to our ministry and sustainability to our souls. We cannot offer that presence if we're not regularly receiving from Christ. 

During this virtual Collaborate, we will explore rhythms of receiving and good practices for soul health. We will consider what it looks like to live out spiritual disciplines in community with one another. We look foward to joining together on a journey towards greater soul health, so we may better serve vulnerable children and families with the love of Christ in communities around the world where we live and work.

Following this virtual Collaborate, we will introduce an opportunity to join a cohort of peer global leaders on journey towards greater soul health.

Join Jedd Medefind (CAFO) and Rephat Nyarenda (Zimbabwe Without Orphans) as they lead this journey towards greater soul health.

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