Why a Clinic?

Just like honing a specialized skill in a sport or playing an instrument, sharing a vision of more than enough where you live takes practice.

We created the More Than Enough Vision Starter Guide Clinic to help multiply the impact of your time, effort, and resources by equipping you to communicate the vision in a way that connects with your community. Building on the resources in the More Than Enough Vision Starter Guide, this two-hour practice clinic will jumpstart your communications with coaching, insights, and examples alongside other leaders like you on effectively sharing the vision where you live.

But here's the key: You'll get out of this clinic what you put into it. And that means a bit of prep work.

You'll complete draft of the Vision Worksheet before the clinic and send it to me, so you'll come prepared with initial language to cast a vision of more than enough in ways that resonate with your community. This will take some time, but it will prepare you for the clinic itself.

At the two-hour clinic, we’ll walk through actual worksheets of foster care collaborators like you, offering invaluable insight into your own six building blocks of language. (Don't worry--they will be volunteers! You won't be put on the spot.) But if you don't complete the prep work, that time will be less valuable to you.

So let's get ready for our time together at the Clinic.

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