How to Use the Vision Worksheet

How to Use the Vision Worksheet

The Vision Worksheet will help you create six building blocks of language that will equip you to cast a vision of more than enough that is specific to your community. Once you complete the worksheet, you'll have a library of content you can pull pieces from, adapt, and assemble into a range of communications. You won't have to figure out what to say every time you write an email or have a speaking opportunity.

Completing this worksheet by August 15th and submitting it to Katie Casselberry is an essential step to preparing for our time together in the Clinic.

The portions of the worksheet in red are where you will add local information. Grey boxes will provide guidance in the sections where you’ll need to create a bit more of your own content. 

Down the road, you may want to complete the worksheet multiple times for different audiences. For example, if you are talking to a church, you may want to add more language connecting caring for vulnerable children and families to Scripture. And how you talk about the path forward will differ if you are chatting with a social worker versus a business leader.

Once you’ve worked through the worksheet with an audience in mind, you can pull from this language and run with it in your communications.

Download the worksheet on the next page, and let's get started!

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