Welcome to the Vision Starter Guide Clinic!

Welcome to the More Than Enough Vision Starter Guide Clinic! This interactive, online practice intensive will equip you with the language and skills to communicate a compelling vision of more than enough for children and families.

Moving from not enough to more than enough for children and families in foster care where you live can feel overwhelming. Churches, organizations, and advocates rallying around a shared vision where you live can help drive community engagement and collaboration. And a unifying vision of more than enough for children and families can do just that—when it’s tailored to reflect the specific challenges and opportunities facing your community. But refining and practicing how you share it with others takes time. 

You don’t have to start from scratch or go it alone. 

Building on the resources in the More Than Enough Vision Starter Guide, this two-hour Clinic will jumpstart your communications with coaching, insights, and examples alongside other leaders like you on effectively sharing the vision where you live.

As part of the group Clinic , you'll:

  • Complete Targeted, Practical Prep Work: By completing and submitting a draft of a guided Vision Worksheet from the Vision Starter Guide before the clinic, you’ll come prepared with six building blocks of language to cast a vision of more than enough in ways that resonate with your community. 
  • Join the Interactive Two-Hour Clinic: We’ll walk through actual worksheets from your fellow foster care collaborators, offering invaluable insight into your own six building blocks of language. We’ll learn from one another along the way, and get a glimpse of what God is doing in communities like yours across the country.
  • Build a Take-Away Marketing Tool: Drawing on your building blocks, you’ll practice creating a presentation deck or handout from easy-to-use templates that will help engage your community and cast the vision where you live.

I'm so glad you're here! Let's get started together.

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